Acronym Decoder

acf. another cycling forum. Launched in the spring of 2005 to complement [see below]. Lowercase by administrative custom.

ASL. Advanced Stop Line. Paint which theoretically grants cyclists the special power to stop ahead of motorists. In practice, most people who pilot internally combusted vehicles can also see and respond to this paint.

AFAIK. As Far As I Know.

AICMFP. And I Claim My Five Pounds. Usually indicative that an arcane itch has been scratched.

BR. Also known as the Mothership. Anthology of literature and art constructed by acf's architect.

BTW. By The Way.

Chav. Backronym. Derogatory slang. acf isn't zoned for class warfare.

CTC. Cyclists' Touring Club. Like Kentucky Fried Chicken, this British organisation of velo enthusiasts goes by its initials now, possibly to keep its options open.

FFS. For Fuck's Sake. Work safe shorthand. Denotes exasperation. May cause offense.

IIRC. If I Remember Correctly. Fog lights at the ready.

IMHO. In My Humble Opinion [variant, for the less humble: In My Opinion]. A waiver for whatever opinion is to follow or has just been submitted.

IOW. In Other Words. In extra words. Also Isle of Wight: context is everything.

LEJoG. Land's End to John o'Groats. A to B journey, whereby A is on one end of Britain and B the other. Why? Because it's there.

LOL. Laugh Out Loud. Amusement beyond a smile.

LBS. Local Bike Shop. Non-virtual financial black hole.

NWS. Not Work Safe [variant: Not Safe For Work]. It depends where you work, of course, but generally, a post or thread which contains an overabundance of skin or expletives.

OP. Original Post / Poster.

OT. Off Topic. This being a cycling forum, technically everything not about cycling is off topic. As if management cares.

OTOH. On The Other Hand.

RLJ. Red Light Jumper. Any vehicle which goes when it is supposed to stop, though typically refers to cyclists who have diplomatic immunity.

ROFL. Rolling On Floor Laughing [variant: Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off, often with wine spilled on keyboard]. When LOL isn't enough. For the incontinent, there is PMSL, Pissed My Self Laughing.

SMIDSY. Sorry Mate I Didn't See You. What a motorist says to a cyclist after he's bumped into or run over him.

TIA. Thanks in Advance.

WVM. White Van Man. Stereotyped as a menace due to disregard for the rules of the road in general and cyclists in particular. See also SMIDSY.

WTF. What The Fuck. See above entry FFS.