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Title: fixiespotting
Post by: librarian on November 03, 2006
Choose life. Choose fixing. Choose no gears.
Choose no brakes. Choose a f***ing big chainwhip, choose hamstrings like hawsers, old steel frames, large flange hubs and 1/8" chains . Choose cruising through red lights, cappuccinos and one-fingered salutes. Choose components from eBay. Choose a garage full of bikes, only 2 of which work.  Choose weird friends. Choose Rapha jackets and SPD shoes. Choose sprockets in in a range of f***ing sizes.. Choose 48 x 18 and wonder what the f*** you're doing at 150rpm. Choose sitting in the saddle looking at mind-numbing, spirit-crushing traffic, stuffing f***ing PowerBars into your mouth. Choose rotting away at the end of it all, wittering about gear ratios in some miserable cafe, nothing more than an embarrassment to the ferret-faced junior roadies they spawned to replace you.

Choose your future.       
Choose fixing.