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The Latvian Connection
« on: March 25, 2006 »
Go to the Pretty Good Britain library, five shelves down. The project is currently dormant, though liable to lurch into life at unexpected moments. During a recent search I unearthed this entry on Riga.

Have I started something - or jumped on a bandwagon?


Don't spend it all in one place
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Speaking of Latvijas Republika, which celebrates four years of membership in the European Union on May Day (I'm so excited I couldn't wait until the anniversary tomorrow to post), a pound and change at the current rate should get you this at face value:


that's right: lats

It celebrates the country's participation in the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney. Latvian cyclists didn't take any medals home. Arvis Piziks finished 1:38 behind winner Jan Ullrich in the men's road race... in case it ever comes up in Trivial Pursuit. Do people still play that? If so, surely Latka Gravas should also feature in the Baltic version.


Thank you very much!
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Latvia's chief export: domestic livestock. And now 'bots.

Guess there's not much money in either.