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no lid for a week
« on: November 16, 2006 »
I quite like wearing a helmet. The other day I hit my head on the door frame, as I was carrying my bike down the stairs from my flat. It could have been nasty, but I was ok. It made me think that when I am in my kitchen, I often hit my head on a low beam above the worktop. It would be a lot safer if I wore my helmet when preparing food, as the beam is often forgotten about, as it limits the workspace to less than 50cm.

One day, if you have to report to casualty with a nasty gash on your head, they will ask you if you were chopping onions without a helmet.

Of course, I have a couple of very nice helmets, a Met Stradivarius, and a Fifth Element. Whenever I go to the fridge, and have to duck under the low beam, I will remember to wear one. People really don't understand how vulnerable they are without head protection.