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scary places
« on: January 13, 2006 »

Old Harry Rocks in Dorset. Path with a steep drop on either side. It looks so inviting that you start to waltz out before realizing that you forgot your balancing pole.


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scary places
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The ring of traffic which used to guard Trafalgar Square from errant pedestrians. This particular stretch is now pedestrianized.


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and the cradle will rock
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Alternate title: Vertical Limit

Herewith photos from my excursion down the side of a Docklands skyscratcher in a window cleaner's cradle. The first time we achieved liftoff [pic] I couldn't go through with it and had to be set back down on the roof. 2nd attempt worked after I slumped on the floor with my eyes closed and thought nice thoughts as we eased over the edge. After awhile I found my feet, at least temporarily (see 'making a stand', below, for my companion's reaction). The floor always felt safer.

Click to enlarge.

because it's there

the carriage awaits

my chauffeur

my friend

first position

nice day for it

over the edge

(actually my first view of the cradle - I'm not yet in it)

second position

making a stand

cleaning windows