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Lone Star
« on: November 27, 2006 »
Snapshots from my recent visit to Texas. Most were taken with an extreme wide angle lens which I seem to be unable or unwilling to remove from my camera. Click on pics to enlarge.

Unofficial motto of the state capital: Keep Austin weird.

On the steps of the capitol building, looking downtown. The group of three just off centre to the right are my inlaws and wife.

Inside the capitol dome. Paintings are of governors. They are only hung when they leave office; the last one gets pride of place (look familiar?), and all the others are moved one over, all the way up and around. Click here to see a legislative chamber.

Another view of downtown, this from across the Colorado River.

The Congress Avenue 'bat bridge', where over a million Mexican Free-tails take wing on summer evenings.

Menu's-eye view from inside Mother's, a favourite veggie eatery. Bathroom has vegan graffiti.

Josie Dew lookalike rappelling off the Radisson Hotel, with the Frost Bank Tower in the background.

You can guess what type of shop this is.

Roundabout in Hyde Park.

One of the standard topics of conversation in the States...

The prison at Huntsville, where Texas executes more people than any other state. Death row inmates are actually kept in lockup elsewhere, and driven here on the day.

Candlelight vigil the evening of November 1st, just before Donell Jackson was given the lethal cocktail. In 1993 Jackson had killed a witness to a crime. Among his last words were "I took his life for the love of a friend."

Jim Willett, former warden at Huntsville and current director of the nearby prison museum. He oversaw scores of executions.

'Old Sparky'

Dealey Plaza in Dallas. The building off centre to the left is the former book depository. X in the road (look to the right of the pedestrian) means what you think it means; tourists often stop traffic for closeup shots. The grassy knoll is not far behind me.

Dallas from the observation deck of Reunion Tower. Dealey Plaza can be seen to the lower left.

Tea break

Little bike garages

The Alamo, smack in the middle of San Antonio. The best known of the five missions.

Inside the church of the Mission San Juan Capistrano.

Outside the church of the Mission San José. Here's the Mission Espada.

Houston skyscrapers

Sidewalk poetry

I liked being in the States for the Dem takeover of the House and Senate - though God knows what they'll do with their majority. And I managed to get this song stuck in my head.