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The Carradice ladies
« on: August 03, 2007 »
My Barley (and I think my Junior too) was made by Priscilla.  She's posh!  I must admit to feeling a bit funny when I heard that someone called Melissa makes the bags too.

Melissa was just a figment of my over-heated imagination. She's the company secretary's flighty daughter, in to make the tea on work experience between Cheltenham Ladies College and hostessing in Gstaad before going up and getting a third in Arch & Anth at Corpus, then temping for a bank in the city and marrying the Chief Accountant's son. She will have three children and keep a pony in a paddock in Surrey.

Priscilla, on the other hand (who did make our bag), is much more interesting. She grew up in Hampshire on an arable farm, before running away to Lancashire to look after the horses. She fell in love with the stable lad, who is now a house-husband and environmental activist. She works for Carradice to pay the bills, and secretly runs the website for a shadowy direct-action anti-bypass  group.