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ridin' wide
« on: January 14, 2008 »
I'm not afraid of heights; I'm afraid of widths. - Steven Wright

click on pic for wiiiiide-vision

I run wide handlebars on all my flat-barred bikes, and often ride through the

red canyons of London. My thinking is that there's no great advantage having them, shall we say, less wide than me. (Not that I'm 54cm across the beam.) Yet occasionally I see cyclists with bars barely able to accommodate their hands. Mine is not to judge what works for somebody else, but even bearing witness makes me claustrophobic.

They also provide plenty of room to come down for a landing when finishing an ode to joy.


ridin' free
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Crowded 'bars remind me of Batman's utility belt, only missing the shark repellent.

Computer. Ignorance is bliss.
Light. Has its own Blue Peter perch.
Or used to. I've since moved on in the lighting department.
Map holder. That would be my wife.
Bell. Lungs. As a last resort. Usually on a bike I'm quiet as a church mouse.
Bar bag. Specifically invented to make lights difficult to mount.

Some people run out of room and even add a minibar.

My suggestion, for those long, boring, strictly A to B -type journeys:

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