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Groundhog Day
« on: June 08, 2014 »
I almost can't believe that I've gravitated to a helmet thread. Is there anything left to say? (And has everything I've done really been done before? Even spending the night in a phonebox in Dalwhinnie?)

The subject of helmets has achieved sufficient mass to become a celestial body in its own right, having less to do with the funtime activity of cycling than with the prime directive of assimilating opponents.


cover me
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Reprinted to retain copyright for what is sure to be a hit single

When I get older losing my hair
Many years from now
I will make a study of gravity
If it falls down, it just might be me
Bouncing my melon of off the ground
Will you stop and see
If I'm still lucid, if I can count
Over sixty-three?

You'll be older too
And if you still can post
I could reply to you

It should be dandy, riding around
Helmet hair or not
You can knit a jersey that will match my lid
Wait 'til my birthday, 'til then keep it hid
We could play marbles, in our spare time
It needn't be a bore
Will you still need me, will you still heed me
When I'm sixty-four?


bicycle safety thread killed
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Man walks into a forum. Posts info- (actually advo-) graphic for advice. Thread is killed, assumedly because of the nature of it, but not before advice is tendered:

Panel 5 could better advertise the dangers of cycling in Gotham like so:

Concerned citizen, ostensibly "doing the right thing," is clearly going about it the wrong way. Getting a villain like the Joker to promote your product is perhaps a question for another focus group. Ideally cyclists shouldn't be portrayed as jokers, but celebrity endorsements are undeniably effective. To quote your article, "Communication is key."