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BikeReader testimonials

"One day I was bored and started typing random letters into a search engine, but it turns out they weren't so random after all. I was instantly transported to BikeReader.com and now my life has changed in unfathomable ways."

"I lead a very busy lifestyle and I don't have time for time-wasting sites. So it came as a pleasant surprise that BikeReader wasn't nearly as frivolous as I had been led to believe. The story about the crew of Star Trek visiting London England was especially informative. As a result I had my company open new offices overseas to service starship personnel."

"They have an incredible amount of stories, there's no time to read them all. So I have my PA transcribe them onto tape so I can listen at night when I'm asleep."

"My wife recently left me for my identical twin brother. The joke was on her because I'd left her for her twin sister years ago. But the important thing is I visit BikeReader regularly."

"I enjoy BikeReader so much that I've asked my funeral director to bury me with my laptop and a reliable internet connection."
Fred (another one)

"The site is very ecologically sound because it recycles so much."

"I prefer websites where I can buy things or read reviews of things I can buy or else testimonials by other people who have bought things. BikeReader is different. For one thing, there's nothing to buy. I have resolved to bookmark the site at my earliest convenience."

"Hi, I'm the editor of BikeReader. This is just a small selection of the literally many emails I've received. I hope that you've found them to be as moving and persuasive as I have. And remember: every time you visit BR I vow to donate a generous impulse to a registered charity."
the editor of BikeReader


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