1. Have you ever played 20 Questions before?
Just the strip version
No, but then I've never played Twister, either

2. How did you find BikeReader?
You told me about it, stupid
Search engine
Casual street encounter, message in a bottle, Morse code via dental fillings, etc.
Serendipity not involving Morse code

3. Where do you live?
Continental Europe
Amongst the 5 Billion or so other peoples of the Earth

4. How often do you visit BikeReader?
This is my first time
More than occasionally but less than often
So much has happened since my last visit, the children have grown like weeds, the dog died, I'm going to night school to finish my degree, but the point is, I'm back now

5. What do you like best about the site?
Its bracing simplicity; it doesn't give me or my browser headaches
The lack of banner ads and any commercial motive. This is what the net is all about, man
Summat else

6. Do you have any complaints about BikeReader? (We'll supply some ammo):
I spend too much company time reading it
More pictures, please
Not enough women writers
No complaints...
Except this one little thing:

7. How often do you find yourself on a bike?
Let's put it this way: whenever I take it out I have to pump the tyres up -- all the way up
I just use it for recreation, and it's a small piece of the pie chart at that
Monday-Friday; I commute to work
Monday-Friday; it is my work
I hardly ever get off the saddle. It's my means of personal expression

8. Quick, without thinking -- what type of tyre valve does your bike have?

9. When you look in the mirror what do you see?
A roadie
A mountain biker
Lance Armstrong, because I have a picture of him taped there
Lance Armstrong, because I AM him (please only choose if you actually ARE Lance Armstrong)
A pale imitation of my true self

10. How many bikes do you own?
Just the one. You mean people are allowed to have more?
More than one but less than five
If this is Friday it must be my Seven

11. Have you ever had a bike stolen?
How dare you ask a question like that while I'm still grieving. Yes
Not yet

12. Is a bike the only mode of transport that you own?
Who do you think I am, Richard Branson? Yes
Other than the car, Yes

13. Let's see your credentials. You've test-ridden (or own) a...
Recumbent (steering above)
Recumbent (steering below)
Trike (eg, a Windcheetah; not the one you rode when you were three years old)
Let's just call it an HPV
Folder which occasionally gets unfolded
Singlespeed fixed or free, like my soul
All of the above but not at the same time

14. What personality type are you?
I scream at motorists (Type 'A')
I fume but don't scream (Type 'A-')
I ride the razor's edge of normalcy (Type 'B')
I travel in my own private envelope of zen-like calm (Type 'Z')

15. Do you stop at red lights/stop signs?
Yes, unless no one is looking
Only coincidentally
Judge not lest ye be riding in the war zone that is my cycling territory

16. That's it for the cycling questions. What are the best TV shows ever?
The Sopranos & The Simpsons, those two great American families
TV was invented by Satan and His Minions still do most of the scheduling, so for the sake of my immortal soul I don't watch it

17. What sort of computer do you use?
A Mac, and I'm ready to toss it out the window
A PC. Why, are Macs any better?

18. What other sites do you visit?
Nothing very interesting: I can't turn the nanny software off
Anything with 'bike', 'cycle' or 'bicycle' in the title
Who has the time? I'm just in this computer thing for the email
I'm a stream-of-consciousness surfer, so whatever I answer would have no real meaning

19. Would you like to be notified via email (as opposed to subliminal TV advertising,
which we haven't budgeted for) when we add stories to BR?

Of course

19b. If so, please tell us your preferred email address. Nothing bad will happen:

note: 'nothing bad' as a result of joining the mailing list. We accept no responsibility for the rest of your personal timeline.

20. Have you answered all 20 questions honestly, or were you just messing with our head?
What an impertinent question. And while I'm at it, '20 Questions' doesn't go like this at all
I swear under oath that I've answered all the questions except no. 15 in the most
forthright manner possible and to the best of my ability -- at least before my ISP cut me off
Maybe, maybe not. That's why God invented the coin toss

(Please, no anatomical impossibilities)

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