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Not really, but it seemed appropriate

Thank you for your cooperation and excellent use of hand-eye-mouse coordination
If you asked to be put on our mailing list, you now are.
We're not adding much these days, so you won't be hearing from us very often.

Have you ever played 20 Questions before?
Strip Twister is banned in the 48 consensual United States, 11 NATO countries, and by most forward-thinking regimes elsewhere in the world, at least on the first date

How did you find BikeReader?
If you answered "on my computer", give yourself extra credit

A magazine; "some weird one" - Andrew
"I don't remember" - bent sprocket
"referenced in an article in a magazine" - John
"I really don't remember" - Jack
"I typed 'Mike Ferrentino' in the search... I'm so lame." - Mike
"URL made it thru my tinfoil hat" - Bernie

Where do you live?
"With my parents" is perfectly understandable, given today's economic climate

How often do you visit BikeReader?
A correspondent who fell afoul of the authorities told us she used up her one phone call on BR. If this starts a trend we'll put a few lawyers on the links page as a public service

What do you like best about the site?
"Ev'ry damn thin" - Barry
That's the spirit

Do you have any complaints about BikeReader?
"More of everything" - Randy
"My phone bill" - Steve
"Where are the bikinis?" - Parker,
to whom we'd recommend the magazine Mountain Biking UK if he's under 18, and DrunkCyclist.com this link [NSFW!] if he's over

How often do you find yourself on a bike?
Thinking about it counts, too

What type of tyre valve does your bike have?
Bonus points if you can spell 'schraeder' without rereading this sentence

When you look in the mirror what do you see?
Hopefully not The Tall Man [Phantasm reference]

Is a bike the only mode of transport you own?
Excluding bumper cars and Segways

You've test-ridden (or own)...
Hands up anyone whose introduction to recumbents was Christopher Walken in Brainstorm

What personality type are you?
Detail-oriented, or you wouldn't have made it this far

That's it for the cycling questions. What are the best TV shows ever?
"I only watch cycling on TV" - Kingsley
"Kill your TV" - Monarch
"Why are you watching so much when you should be riding?!" - Hillel
"Teletubbies (I like Lala)" -Barry

Would you like to be notified via email when we add stories to BR?
"I can find you on my own" - Robert

Did you push the Button button?
You don't have to answer that

"rename the submit button" - Anon
we tried calling it Frank, but that just confused people

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