A Proper Cyclist
To dwell upon the velocities and vectors in the smoky light of day might introduce a wobble into the equation. The muscles retain their own memory of how these things are done. There always seems to be just enough room no matter how unlikely the scenario or crowded the interstice.

Back to School
It is impossible for me to ride full tilt at a human being, even Jeremy Clarkson, and even as a well-meant test of my familiarity with safe braking procedure. It isn’t a habit I can unlearn in an afternoon. Our Braveheart remains unscathed by his experience with the lot of us, though one wonders what fancy footwork he’s had to learn over the years.

Full Speed Ahead
Taurus: Your idea to leave the rat race and start a courier company is not a bad one, but if the main reason you’re attracted to that way of life is all the trackstands then you might want to rethink your business model. There are many other occupations where inertia can be practiced for months or years amongst admiring long-term co-workers rather than seconds or minutes at a stoplight for the benefit of a fleeting crowd of strangers.

Give Cyclists Room
It's a small island, and we've all got to find the best and safest way of sharing it. Involuntarily segregating environmentally conscious pedallers is not going to solve the problems that integrated private transport presents. The best way forward is to acknowledge the desire and need for alternative forms of locomotion tailored to suit the individual rather than feed the mass delusion that  the roads should be totally given over to a Darwinian struggle ending in survival of the gas-guzzling dinosaurs which currently make the earth and many of its politicians tremble.

My Critical Mass
I had decided to ride my new Brompton...Readers aware of my earlier technical difficulties will be pleased to learn that I had spent the morning folding and unfolding this delightful little sprite in the front garden and so was no longer a “virgin”. This innocent endeavour attracted the attention of the local constable, concerned that I might be engaged in an unnatural act. There had been reports in the local paper of just such an incident involving a known Bickerton fondler, so I was reassured rather than outraged by the policeman's concern for public morals.

Time Machine
The primordial soup, this salty broth which served as amniotic fluid for our less sophisticated forebears, has ever held a strong attraction to inhabitants of this island nation. Cyclists in particular are susceptable to its bracing charms.

Why I'm an iPod Cyclist
I don’t regard ‘iPod cycling’ as an escape into the self, but a pleasurable soundtrack overdubbing the urban experience. What’s more, I turn the volume up LOUD. Few of my compatriots would admit to deliberately disabling one of their more important senses; fewer still to cranking the decibels. This strikes me as the Bill Clinton defense: they don't inhale.

Wild Side
"Bakelite: what an underrated material," says Martin, a former research chemist, halfway through a riff which began with the suitability of mahogany in bicycle manufacture.