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Who invented the internet?
idle Swiss scientists, after the mass cuckoo clock redundancies in the 70s
the military-industrial-celebrity complex
either Al Gore
or the media

What is the purpose of cycling forums?
add to the sum of worthwhile human expression
share useful and interesting information
ask and answer questions
advertise rides and write about them once ridden

foment whimsy

Spot the cliché
"it's just a forum"
"a forum is its people"

Is it OK to visit others, or must you stay true to one?
there are other cycling forums?

What are the origins of acf?
abiogenesis from a discarded cycling mitt
foretold in the book of Revelations
random code gradually lumping together over eons

acf, like the loins from which it sprang, is noncommercial. Meaning...?
no ads, meaning you aren't an involuntary consumer to Those Whose Commercial Messages Must Be Assimilated, firefox adblock notwithstanding (it's the principle). think soylent green
admin relies on donations and unlikely meteorological phenomena, i.e., money raining from the sky

If you weren't visiting a cycling forum what else might you be doing?
downloading pornography for research purposes

essay question for extra credit:
If you had to decide between a bicycle and an internet connection,
which would you choose, and why?

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Press to make all the stop lights at Hyde Park Corner turn red

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