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University Challenge: take two
« on: October 24, 2007 »
What's Jeremy [Paxman] like in real life?

A Luddite.  When I toiled in the Nut Mines, we used to run a system for the Ministry of Filth and Lies, or "BBC" as some are wont to call it.  It would, among other things, automagically run stored searches of the Data Bases and send the results to the intended recipient by Babbage-Mail.  One such recipient was Paxo, though his stuff had clearly been set up by someone else, as the automagic system soon received a plaintive reply from the lanky Inquisitor, along the lines of "Help!  What am I supposed to do with this?"   

Because I am evil, I had set a thing up such that any Babbage-Mail received by the system resulted in a reply saying "I am only a Babbage-Device and cannot help you.  Suggest you call the Helldesk" or similar.  Mr. Paxman, however, did not heed the Babbage-Warning, and kept replying, until I got fed up with him and deleted all his searches, which shut him up.  Eventually the Ministry of Filth and Lies declined to pay for the system any more, so we buried it in an unmarked grave at midnight with a stake through its heart, and used the disks to make soap.

Poor show, Liverpool.  Why did you not end the show prematurely by duffing up the opposition in a fit of proletarian zeal?