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Getting all Nostalgic
« on: November 04, 2007 »
We've had our first few hard frosts up here and I think it's time to dig out the winter bike and wooly clothes ready for the cold morning rides to work,but it's still a favourite time of year for me.All the autumn leaves,early mist and smell of bonfire's.It always brings back memories of early clubrun days,out in the Hertfordshire hills or across the fens to Ely and beyond.The sound of wheels and happy friendly banter.Waiting for someone who's punctured and having snowball fights to keep warm.The sprint up the hill to the Silver Ball cafe at Reed or another favourite cafe for a hot cups of tea and apple pie and custard before heading home.Sometimes feeling strong and on the front and sometimes having a hard day hanging on to the group in the headwind. Nowadays it's the Glen cafe at St Mary's Loch or the Garden centre at Berwick but I still just love the pedalling at this time of year. Anyone else get like this?

Pedal Up!