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I want to edt all the posts to make the readable, must resist!

I think that Anarchia is great fun, and its interesting to post and come back and find it has been totally vandalised


Odd.  I love wikis, which are universally editable and Just Work; Anarchia Just Annoys.  Possibly because it's got no direction at all, whereas wiki articles each have one.  I'm clearly too old and flatulent for the "whee! freedom! weevils!" bit...

Of course it has no direction, that's the point! Wait until the enthusiasm wears off... something different may emerge in some chaos/complexity sense... or not. However I don't think Anarchia is supposed to be 'useful' in itself, which is the point of Wikis.

and on that note,

--- Quote ---Every son of the den scherprechter of Antwerp, whose name was Geeraart, and he was little over twenty years old it was easy to understand why he zoo of the Men schrikte since the hatred and contempt persecuted him what happened to him now , made telkenmaal as a scherprechter is in a company of burgeren thirst begeven The unfortunate Geeraart arc verduldiglijk the head and bezag beer, which his kleederen leekte without a single! Wreeden word against his enemy to speak This was not at all from him hoonende scheldwoorden to throw, and finally cried at the waardinne "Behold, woman, tomorrow our company from here to den Sebastiaan we will move our money here no longer digest -- Thou maybe tomorrow we would be out of the van den executioner can drink! " "There! There lies the problem!" Cried the waardinne with distress and wrath, while they den steenen pot over land to documents threw "Can I do that this galgek
--- End quote ---


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