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The Glue Man:
There's an undeniable thread on this board and as a theist I'm bound to speak up.
Okay my God looks like the Archbishop of Canterbury with a personal trainer in a Ray Harryhausen movie but yon Godless also like:

and high tech bike parts.

Not wishing to take the fun out of rationalist fundamentalism but it can look like a narrow church sometimes. What other things do people fill their god-shaped gap with?

I don't have a 'god shaped gap', but I do appreciate beauty in the world around me and in my relationships with others.

I suspect only the ex-godfearing folk have a god-shaped gap. They grew up with a god-shaped virtual organ, and when it was taken away it left a virtual hole. Which includes me; and in mine I have put -

- a general sense of spirituality, and a kind of playful polytheism for any reasonable belief, without seriously believing in any of them.

- 6th senses and a connection to the Mendi which nearly makes me my own god. But I'm never quite whether I made that bit up, or whether I really do have 'special' senses ;). Sadly, I think it runs in the family. My dad, for a number of years, believed he had a personal one-to-one connection with his god, and insisted that I believed in his god aswell.

- that church stuff probably helped to create a community-spirit-shaped gap aswell, with all that singing and listening to sermons and trying to act for the greater good; and there I have a void which I partially fill right here, and other places like this one. But in RL it is still a hole.

- creative talents like music, writing, poetry, art, architecture, design, inventions, etc; some of which directly lift up society; and others of which I hope one day to make good use of, to leave a positive mark on this terrible little world. I generally aim for that in everything I do, although that is without achieving much in the meantime. But if I get inspired, look out world.

ok, I admit it, I'm not Bad. Being Bad was a phase, and I wasn't Bad even then. I'm a disenchanted but hopeful son of a preacher man, with a god-shaped hole and a sense of adventure. Enter the bicycle, that zen-like appliance which, amongst other things, gives me direct contact with the many gods of Nature*, the ether in my hair, and a chance to reach a higher state of one-ness a few times a week :)

* Due homage to the p* faeries, who are without a doubt the mightiest of them all.

Beauty of agnosticism (if that's the word) i don't know if i have a gap or not.

Fortunately I have no need to fill my God shaped space with anything other than that which is already there.


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