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trip the light fantastic
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On the left is a Cateye EL530. On the right is its replacement, the Dinotte 400L with attached 4-cell Li-ion battery, rated for 5 hours on a full charge and double that at 50% power - which is still brighter than what I was used to.

Click here to view the full installation. Also visible
is an alternative mount off the crown for handlebar minimalists. Although the battery is kept in place by velcro, the light, as you can see, is not quick release. I actually prefer it this way because in my experience quick release mounts tend to get rattly. It only takes a few seconds to unscrew when not in use.

Cateye. The trees are a little over 50 feet away, the fence, 100


I'm not saying it's a fair comparison. It's just nice to lose the tunnel vision.


4 am
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A fine time for a ride. 400L engaged to shotblast the road ahead with light to supplement the already generous moon. Milk float traffic. Radio 2 on the ipod because I like to hear what other people are doing at this time in the morning (often milking cows). Sunrise atop Pook's Hill. Have I mentioned lately how much I love cycling?