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Let there be light
« on: March 15, 2008 »
In the beginning was the darkness.

All power was the SON which came among the tribe of the Audaxites and it was written there that the way shall be revealed in all its glory through the Solidlights.

The ancients  of  Lumotec were sore smote and bowed before the might and glory of the light. Many that were lost found their way again.

And yea it came to pass the Audaxites waxed rejoicing and went forth to be seen in the towns,  and bore witness in the darkest of the night, though they be in the valley of the shadow of the forest, and the way be steep and narrow. Verily they saw all revealed before them. Both the near and the far things, both the things ahead and the things beside were as day is to night unto them. Even unto the furthest edge where lurks the darkest chasm and the fearsome faery or long dead thing.

But for their knowledge the Audaxites were cursed with the eternal burden to bear the SON by the sweat of their labour and the loss of gold for the Solidlights.

In those days arose among them from time to time false lights and of those the greatest was  Dinotte which turned away from SON.  Dinotte tempted many with promises of unlimited power and fantastic vision – free from the burden of SON. And lo it came to pass that many were sore tempted and fell to Dinotte.  Verily the followers of the SON were vexed and asked was not the Solidlight the greatest of them all? There was much gnashing of teeth and rending of hair among the Audaxites. But Dinotte flame grew dim at the darkest hour because it had not the eternal power of the SON.

Then among them came IQ Fly claiming greater power through channelling of SON’s mighty force, verily at half the cost of the Solidlight and of surpassing beauty.  A great light shone forth upon ythe land and thus was  the dawn of the new age...