Author Topic: Delia is...a PUNK ROCKER! Delia is...a Punk ROCKER! Delia is...a Punk....


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Saw the new Delia prog last night for the first time.

How cool is she!

"None of the poncy, fiddly drama on a plate," she opined, "just simple, tasty, classic cooking."

So she used frozen mash, cellophane wrapped salmon, ready made spices and it looked gorgeous. I'l be making her Smoked Salmon Pie (30mins all in). None of this:

"2.2 teaspoons of caramelised yak's milk, mixed with the essence of the Yaruba Tree bark mixed with the entrails of the Yooba Yooba camel. Boil for 6 seconds in a pan made of elephant tusk before braising for 2.3 seconds and finishing off in a clay oven for seven days. Then serve after drizzling 2.1 ounces of cinnamon scented oil."

And then she commenced to parading around the Norwich Football Club changing rooms WHILST THE PLAYERS WERE GETTING CHANGED and came out with a big grin on her face!

"Never done that before," she said,"whilst they were getting changed."

Then she offered to buy the first round after a game.

And she looked a babe in the sixties as well!

Lulu, Felicity Kendall move over...