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iPod Cycling
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There is no great secret to successful iPod[1] cycling. Use your eyes. Make a constant visual inventory of your surroundings and store it in your short term memory. Auditory environmental cues are not always helpful or necessary, unless your hearing is so acute that you can determine if vehicles behind you are on a collision course.

Some may wish to employ mirrors, particularly when riding in narrow country lanes, so as not to add to the road rage already polluting the atmosphere.

Source earphones or headphones which will stay put. The extent you wish to torture your eardrums is a matter of personal choice. Many listen at a volume sufficient to qualify as in-flight entertainment, but not too high to drown out the noise of speeding rubber on tarmac. Having volume control on the cord can be helpful to adjust for local conditions and allow for roadside socialising.

Beware the dangers of karaoke. If you wish to conduct or play an instrument, you might consider learning how to ride no-handed.

Be extra cautious, but don't be afraid. In theory, possibly the greatest danger to being plugged in is to divert attention from the job at hand, i.e., your safety and that of others. In practice, you may find that listening to music[2] sharpens your senses rather than dulls them, as well as serving as a calming agent and a welcome respite from unsolicited 'advice' by road safety experts.[3] Or, it may scare you silly. The point is to travel in your own comfort zone, and live to cycle another day.

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1 - Convenient shorthand for the practice, rather than product endorsement.
2 - Or the shipping forecast, if it's available as a podcast.
3 - Motorists seemingly with a licence to grill.