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Nicked: The Five Stages
« on: September 30, 2008 »

Can it really be gone? But it was locked! Surely somebody would have seen what was going on and put a stop to it. Even if they didn't bear witness to the act they would have known it didn't belong to that person, because you can sense these things. Am I definitely on the right street? Maybe this is the wrong rack. Or a dream. I'll wake up and it'll be there. We'll be together again.

They actually cut through my lock and took my bicycle, except it's magically no longer mine. I had to work hard to earn money to pay for that. In effect I was working for the thief. Whoever you are, you're welcome!

What is the world coming to? How can somebody steal a bicycle? Bikes are good, they belong with good people. There's been a terrible mistake. Maybe getting it in the first place was the mistake. We'd been through too much together for it to end like this. Everything always goes wrong. The centre cannot hold.

It's only a bike. I'll get another.

Can I get a good price on last year's model?

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