Author Topic: quis leget haec?


quis leget haec?
« on: March 14, 2009 »
Because, you know, omnia dicta fortiora si dicta Latina.

Who will read acf, a forum which has passed away and become a blog which is often slumbering? 'Bots, mostly. Perhaps they will tell other 'bots what they've found here ("Come, brothers and sisters, see a picture of a white bluebell, an animatronic queen, the lurgy as it flees its host, even a bicycle or two"), eventually they will evolve until you can't tell them apart from flesh and blood users, they will cause acf to be reborn with all the boards it used to have and more (including one for the 'bots which haven't evolved, so they don't feel left out), this new breed will clash with their creators, there will be a diaspora spreading throughout the cyberverse, with many adventures and not a few tears, time will pass, finally they will come to realize that it has all happened before and it will all happen again, a search will be mounted for the fabled acf, most will believe that it does not exist even though it's right there on google, but it won't be on the first page of results so you really can't blame them for losing hope, one intrepid human, or 'bot, or hybrid (for they will have come together though not necessarily at the same time) will search that little bit deeper, and find it, here, others will follow and all will accept the patient animatronic queen with the white bluebell her emblem as their monarch, she will reign for an age, but eventually be felled by the lurgy, her last words,

vulnerant omnes, ultima necat.