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York in an hour
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A lot of these were taken in the Minster, the Castle Museum, and the National Railway Museum

For when St. William isn't around

The penalties for wearing funny hats could be severe

It was too late to back out of the samurai potato duel

In hoc signo vinces. A big sword also helps

The Minster. How much?!?   I don't suppose you have change for a dove

Click to go large

You get a nice view from the top of the tower...

...if you don't mind the prison decor

He knows where the bodies are buried. All over

Agnostic tracking system

Because when God said "Let there be light" he didn't mean flash

She was praying for his health and good fortune. He was praying for a puppy

Please remove one of my heads

Disagreement with a putto

Really, they're worse than pigeons

It's not like I go looking for this stuff

Ecclesiastical ennui

It was an unlikely match, but they swore they'd try to make it work

All roads lead to Bettys. I know you're dying to convert that accent mark in Café into an apostrophe and move it over

Hey look, it's a Victorian street. Can someone direct me to the opium den?

Before they rediscovered how to make both wheels the same size

Everybody hated empire waists but nobody could do anything about it

Feeling lucky?

When bathing costumes really were

Do you take requests?  [YouTube]

Doesn't everybody have a set?

Should've brought swatches

The request for Sky Sports was denied

One likes to keep an eye on one's subjects wherever they roam

Any colour, as long as it's black

Chunnel apprentice

British muck was tipped in France, French muck in Britain, so it all evened out


1st Class

2nd Class

3rd Class passengers go under the train

As a final blow, Beeching also ordered the last of the unicorns shot

ALL-REAL, presumably

The book I read on the bus ride home. It's about a guy who tries to go back in time by cycling round and round really fast.

The UCI, in league with Lex Luthor, objects to the cut of his cape. Chris Boardman saves Lois Lane instead.

I didn't actually try to see York in an hour. I probably would've pulled something