Author Topic: Can you massage your own legs effectively?

Can you massage your own legs effectively?
« on: February 27, 2013 »
MoreCashThanDash at Singletrack writes:

So I've got a reasonable (for an overweight, middle aged desk jockey) amount of miles in this year so far, but my legs are feeling tight and heavy, despite me doing all the stretches etc that my physio has me doing to avoid a recurrence of various hip/knee/calf/ITB problems.

So I was wondering if it is possible to give your own legs a passable massage to help get the knots out and freshen up the muscles?

Rather than google "self massage" I thought I'd ask on here first

Before you ask: Regular proper sports massage is too expensive to do regularly, and Disability (and her general preference to avoid any physical contact) prevent MrsMCTD helping out.

Muscles are composed of slow twitch fibres, fast twitch fibres, and the fibres of cyclists consumed in cannibalistic rites after successful commuter challenges. Just some background which might also serve as a handy warning to those better at jockeying desks than bikes.

Although a small self-massage industry appears to have sprung up to service singles and untouchables, the results are unlikely to satisfy the most discerning masochist. Suggest you join a club and have a whip round for a qualified masseuse that all can afford a piece of. Swedes are reputed to be a dab hand at this sort of thing. With the money saved by taking a communal approach you can afford extra services like foil wraps and a nice shave.