Author Topic: Fears of a newbie

Fears of a newbie
« on: March 06, 2013 »
Masmas of RCUK writes:

I hope it`s not just me but there is anxieties initially when you first start out road riding, for me it was a few things- firstly going out on a new sub 10kg bike on roads with all the cars lorries etc out there, then first time in clipless pedals (scary) then the self conscious thing of donning lycra for the first time that was probably the worst! i have only done a few hundred miles so all these fears are still there but gladly fading... cheers.

As bad memories fade, new bad ones take their place. This is your brain's way of keeping you on your toes as you dance on those pedals. You can look forward to close encounters of the worst kind, a lifetime of second class citizenship in traffic, an inexhaustible supply of crap British weather, an inexhaustible supply of crap British roads, spending too much of your pension pot to own bikes which end up owning you, and getting dropped for the first time by somebody not wearing lycra. But as long as you don't start worrying how seriously you should be taking The Rules, you're ahead of the game.

There's always somebody who thinks they're faster

Your first hairnet is a rite of passage

The camaraderie of cycling can be a mixed blessing

On the bright side, bikes are well known babe magnets