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The Library has been closed to new acquisitions since the forum ceased to be at the end of 2008. What remains are hundreds of Posts of the Day, and a reading room much reduced from its glory days.

To mark the recent 10th birthday of this site, which as you can see retains a skeleton caretaker staff, the following links have been collected which provide a glimpse into its tumultuous history.

Or you can just skip to the end for the post of the decade.

A note to the curious
tl;dr ↓

The story of a forum
For the considerably more curious.

Quis leget haec?
The Library still provides a translation service: "Who will read this?"

How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb
Forum addiction.

The Office
Abundant material here for forum anoraks. Quite dusty indeed.

The memory hole
We left Kansas a long time ago.

It’s a small world after all
Locked and loaded.

Room 101.1
Now with BunkerCam.

Message in a bottle
On ethos.

"Just when I thought I was out, I pull myself back in."

And the band played on
Taped confessions.

and finally,
It's a wonderful life

There was a great forum that had erudition in spades, crafted posts that jumped off the page and tugged at your cerebrum, making run of the mill forums look exactly that.

Then it all went away and here was born. Other internet stuff is ephemeral, but that forum was different. And people still remember it and miss it...

Post of the decade is perhaps a bit strong, but it's nice to be remembered.

Speaking of history, before the forum there was BikeReader, which arrived on the scene in February 2000. Time flies*

The Guardian visits in pre-aspic days

* like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.