Author Topic: The quest for the rust-free bicycle

The quest for the rust-free bicycle
« on: February 16, 2013 »
Rogerzilla at Yacf writes:

My Inbred is looking rather rough after a few years on the road.  Any steel bolts have rusted to a greater or lesser extent (even some of the stainless steel bits like the front brake noodle).  The V-brake pad mounting hardware looks atrocious. The front wheel cartridge bearings are rusty on their outer race.  There is rust in the welds for the cable guides on the frame.  The Project Two fork is not looking good at all.

It's all cosmetic, but very annoying.  Does anyone make an off-the-shelf commuter bike that can go through a British winter and still look nice?

Do you live near the sea? Councils don't typically use enough honest-to-goodness rock salt on winter roads for rust to be a problem, often preferring to economise with watered down salt crystalised from crocodile tears.

I would recommend bamboo, a hardy perennial and a growing field in frame manufacture. When properly seasoned it can be an enduring successor to your Inbred, though if necessary you can replace damaged parts from a properly tended garden (not an option with cardboard.) Peg joint fitments and pruned wisteria augmented by the occasional flash of titanium will help keep it together nicely.

While not currently available off-the-shelf of Halfords or Evans, sufficient demand will surely create greater supply.

I'm not actually going to buy one, it's a thought experiment.

We think, therefore we acquire. Eventually.

PS. Hello.