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peu vieux moi
« on: November 29, 2015 »

If my media empire is small, the range of themed merchandise paused at the drawing board stage, and there are no clickthroughs to meter, that means the only way to go is up! Or on a level trajectory, which is how a plane starts moving before it goes UP!

Anyone without social graces who stumbles upon this site will quickly come to the conclusion WTF? then move on. Others may linger longer, but ultimately, their destination is also assured: elsewhere. The web is, after all, littered with curious culs-de-sac. What makes this worth examining longer than the 10 seconds usually allotted to places far, far off the beaten path?


We are all unique snowflakes, special flowers, etc. The endless permutations of nature + nurture assure that. Vast numbers of us post or tweet or whatever Mark Zuckerberg makes people do on Facebook to add to his Scrooge McDuck moneybed.

How to quickly narrow the field and convince you that along with all the other demands on your attention, I am also worth your time, tick-tock?

I can't. Can't do it quickly, that is, unless you're already hooked because you're a fan of the anticlimax.

There's nothing special about me, or at least that's what I'm always reminded whenever I present myself at a closed supermarket checkout and no consideration is given. Even my persistence is not a particularly rare quality.

Persistence, you say? What persistence is that? This very site you're on is a monument to it. It's persistently here, year after year.

If the past is any predictor of the future, I probably will keep keeping on. Having failed to get comfy elsewhere, anothersquiggleforum is home. Well, one of them. The one that looks the most like this:

The door is open. If it only ever lets in the breeze, that's OK, too.