Author Topic: Ding-dong the witch is... on her way out?


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She inaugurated a period when the only value anything could have was monetary; if it didn't cost it was, literally, worthless. This devalued all altruistic activities, devalued art, charity, even social responsibility ("I'm not paid to do that!"). 

However, she was elected, she had a mandate, and she tried to do what she thought needed to be done

Something did need to be done. It's just a shame that someone with real vision, compassion, and empathy, as well as the leadership qualities that Mrs Thatcher had, wasn't around. She was divisive and mean-spirited.

With all that I'm not going to wish her ill. I think it's a pity that her friend Pinochet didn't live to get his full come-uppance, but he was several orders of magnitude worse than she.