Author Topic: Unsettled whilst cornering - especially descending. Help!


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The most important thing to remember about cornering is that the bike is steered with your eyes. To practice, find a gentle slope with a left hand bend on the way down and approach at a brisk speed that feels within your abilities of control. Get all your braking done in a straight line and relax, with only a light grip on the bars and your weight evenlly distributed.  Then fix your eyes on the line you want to take through the bend. You will find that the bike will follow that line perfectly and the correct amount of lean will be automatic. If you find you are running wider than you intend turn your eyes to the inside of the bend and the bike will follow, if you are too tight look a bit wider and you will drift out.

Most cornering offs are caused by panicing and trying to upright the bike and brake, which will almost certainly end in tears. If you do overcook your approach speed just keep looking at where you want to go and let the bike lean as much as it needs to. The tyres will still grip at angles most people would not even dare to try and if they do let go the worst will be a slide along the ground and a bit of road rash. Sitting up and staring at the opposite hedge will send you head first into it.

Remember, look where you are going and you will go where you are looking.