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...and breathe
« on: February 07, 2007 »
Yeah, I know. It's a jungle out there, especially if you're a roadie like me and spend endless hours mixing it up with PIBs [People In Boxes], not to mention POBs and COBs [People On Bikes and Cyclists On Bikes respectively, never mind the challenges posed by the immortal class].

Not such a terribly long time ago in an armchair far away I sat down and wrote the following as part of an improbable questionnaire:

At the risk of sounding unpardonably smug, put me down as a 'Z'. Now, I wasn't always a 'Z'. It took a few years to work my way through the alphabet. I'm not saying you have to follow me there if you haven't already arrived or don't even care to; my request is that if you get off your bicycle and go online after a less than pleasant encounter with Tinnus boxii or Homo cyclicus deficiens you don't scald acf with the steam coming out of your ears. No matter how we're travelling from A to B, we're all PFS [People Full Stop].