Author Topic: 100 miles p/day to break or not to break?

100 miles p/day to break or not to break?
« on: February 19, 2013 »
Antman at the CTC Forum writes:

Is it good to take a break at the half way point or break at regular intervals?
How long should that break be?

English common law dictates a decent maximum interval when riding an English century (as opposed to a Continental 100k fest, for which the correct answer is, the break should be long enough to nip across the Channel and do a proper century). Too long and your 100 miler becomes at best two 50s, which everyone can agree is not the same at all. Too short and you might as well simply coast for a bit instead. 45 English minutes should suffice. The rest of civilised Britain may follow suit.

In addition, two 5-10 minute "breathers" are permissible for those younger than 50 who still have some baby fat on them. This includes time for any repairs or fettling. 

Best practice is to cut your ride right down the middle. Part I: the beginning


Part II: the end