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Mostly harmless
« on: October 31, 2013 »
Wobbly John at Yacf writes:

I'm using the term Idiots on Bikes (IoBs) to refer to bike riders who break the law, highway code, or do stupid things like filtering on the left of turning HGVs. Be they Neds-on-bikes, fakengers, Mamils or Weirdy-beardy-AUKs, if they ride stupidly, they're IoBs.

Are IoBs the product of bad cycling facilitites?
Are they the product of a generation that has had no cycle training?
Is it new cyclists or are we learning bad habits?

We complain about bad driving, but I see far more 'bad cycling'. They give cycling bad press - did we not ought to put our own house in order?

Should cycling campaigns address the issue?
What can be done?

There's probably no need to define 'idiot', but the following list of synonyms shows what we think of mouth-breathers. Also note the useful example of the word in a sentence.

Cyclists are an integral part of the computational matrix which needs all types of data to provide humanity or our overlords with the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything. There is nothing to be done except keep calm and carry on.