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Tour de Tonbridge
« on: July 08, 2007 »
This was the first time I've seen it live. Lots and lots of cars, with some bikes in the middle. A bit like London.

Hmmm, the Tour is in town. Shall we go to the Poundland to the left instead?

Groupies of 1903 winner Maurice Garin continue to haunt the event

Some race not for fame and glory, but for the simple pleasures of a pie

A thoughtless clown

The French still haven't forgiven the British for BSE...

...and tossed gelatine-filled candies at the unsuspecting crowd

Police were called in to control the famous high weald kangaroos

A few cyclists finally turned up

They were in a hurry and didn't stay long

A member of the trailing grupo lets it all hang out in a show of defiance

This Dave was competing for the woollen jersey

The last support crew

The long march home. Would be faster on a bike