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Titles and forms of address


Gertrude Blovius:

Here is another addition to my library of useful knowledge. I am enlightened as to the proper form of address for the children of the daughter of Earls. They "receive no titles or distinctions of any sort through their mother."

Field-Marshals "will normally be holders of some other title and will be addressed accordingly," e.g., Field-Marshall Lord Blovius, which tickles neither ear nor fancy. One idly contemplates the correct honorific for dictators. And then repairs to tea and biscuits. That marmalade really hits the spot.

PS. My tail light was recently lifted by someone at the London critical mass. What is the world coming to when a crowd of cyclists and policemen cannot be trusted? I can forgive but will not forget, and am saddened that of all the places which my bicycle can be left, it cannot be amongst a throng of fellow velo lovers.


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