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« on: November 01, 2007 »
We locked the front gates, put barbed wire along the wall and planted a couple of large flags  with swastikas on them in the drive. Mrs Smokin Joe patrolled the front of the house with the two rottwielers while I sat at the upstairs window with an air rifle. No one bothered us all night, the only kids I saw walked by on the other side of the road in their costumes at about none o'clock, obviously on their way home. They said a polite good evening to Mrs SJ and did not attempt to come across, which was rather nice.

I shot one of them in the arse as a warning as they went down the road. You'd think the little sod had been hit by a dum-dum the way he squealed. Soft, these kids today. Later on his father came round, presumably to thank me for keeping his son in line, but after he had managed to get the rotwieller to release his arm he must have forgotten why he had come as he went back home again. That's the advantage of living in a small village, everyone is so friendly and there is never any trouble.

I can't understand these miserable old gits who object to halloween, it is great that the kids can enjoy themselves. Can't wait for the carol singers to appear.