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Improbability Drive
« on: February 22, 2008 »
As you might be aware, last Saturday saw Mrs. Hall, me, and several other acfers take part in the Morden and Cheam Hilly 50.  We got to the finish (just) at the top of Box Hill, signed in, grabbed a biscuit and crossed the road to hook up with the rest of the bunch.

I leant the tandem against the post and rail fence, and looking down, saw a Scout scarf in a the classic " lost glove" pose on the fence.  As, in real life, I'm an Assistant Scout leader, I picked it up. It had the name of the owner and the group they belong to written on it. So far so good.

The group was nth Bermondsey.  Now, on another part of the interweb, I subscribe to the uk.rec.scouting newsgroup. Moderately high traffic, a hard core of 20 or so regular posters, one of which is a Scouter in Bermondsey.  I thought I could check with him if he knew where the nth met, and whom to send it to.

But when I got home and consulted my computer it turned out he is with the nth Bermondesey. A bit of googling found the nth Bermondsey website, which showed them to be camping near Dorking that weekend.  A bit of newsgroup jiggery pokery and someone emailed me his mobile number. So I phoned him, and zipped over to their camp on the fixer Sunday afternoon to meet him and reunite scarf and owner.

All at an improbability factor of, ooh, quite a lot.