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« on: February 27, 2008 »
you can smile. I've used the expression 'middle-aged male jewellery'. You can think 'more money than sense' (if only). I'll tell you this.

I arrived at the rendezvous for the Dun Run in poor physical shape, having next to no miles in my legs, and mentally fried after a 65-70 hour week at work which had finished half an hour before. I set off, with memyselfI, and, running in front of a tailwind, putting next to no effort in to the pedals, just keeping a steady cadence, keeping my head as still as possible, and my hands on the hoods, and we're overtaking everything in sight - easily, smoothly, without any lungbursting, without any changes in pace, and, looking to the left of me I see club cyclists half my age (we picked up a tail of about ten of the buggers at one point) bouncing around, shifting their weight in the saddle, putting all kinds of effort in.

The C40 used to be the bike of choice for TdF riders. If you'd have seen this washed up old geezer sliding across Essex as if in some kind of a trance then you'd know why. The greatest thing I ever did with my money. I am a happy man.