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« on: July 24, 2006 »
I have elected myself Perpetual Dictator for Life. It's largely a ceremonial honour. It looks nice on a certificate.

As you know, the higher one's position, the less work one actually does. acf doesn't run itself. You see the problem. The solution, I have decided, is to kidnap some of the members, put them in the basement of acf HQ, give them an internet connection and enough isotonic refreshment and jelly babies to keep their metabolism ticking over, arrange for the occasional conjugal visit in one of the nearby soundproofed rooms used to interrogate trolls, and force them to be virtual co-administrators - or as one of them has put it, 'adminions'.

While I spend time hobnobbing with other autocrats and exchanging advice and recipes (Castro makes a very nice fruit cake), these people will be empowered to govern the forum, doing their best to maintain acf in the manner to which you have become accustomed.

When taking on adminionating duties (isn't making up words fun?) they will post as Proxy, a communal login which helps make it clear that they are acting with my authority. Note that Proxy is a committee, not a person, meaning that decisions are the result of a consensus whenever possible.

PM Proxy if you ever need help or have a query about the adminionistration of the site.

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Proxy: born July 2006, died February 2007. The Mod Squad took its place.