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woke up this morning
« on: August 15, 2007 »
What, again? OK, if you want to be up, you might as well do something. {Wanders over to computer, sees if acf is still there. It is.}

A ride, you say? Well, maybe. Is it raining? No? A ride it is then.

Listen, taking a half hour to get ready for a 20-mile jaunt is a little silly, no? Anyway, here we go.

Wait a minute. Is it raining now? Good grief.

Did it really take me 15 minutes to decide whether or not to go anyway? We'll never know.

6? didn't keep track
That was nice. I got soaked but thoroughly enjoyed it. Kept to the big ring for the entire ride, which was not unhilly. (Why? Must be in training for an even bigger ring.)

Back in bed. Wife wakes up. Had predicted last night that I'd do this. Tells me she told me so.