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Mounting a Light Near the Crown
« on: February 23, 2008 »

Make sure you have a light with a mounting which will adapt itself to the following process.

Acquire suitable bracket. Here's one, slightly longer than that used for this bike. It will work with side-pull calliper and V-brakes.

Find something to put here. In the example shown, a dowel-shaped hard rubber elastomer (from a suspension seatpost, no less) has been used.

Attach light mount to bracket. In this case, it required reversing the direction of the top section to make it work.

Attach bracket to bike, taking care it doesn't scrape the crown.

A simple L-shaped bracked with holes in appropriate places can also be used, if you can find a way to securely attach a light to it. Here it's been bolted, with an elastic band to help stop any rattle.

Ensure the bracket is sturdy; this one later snapped