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Fixed income girls
« on: April 30, 2008 »
Unhappily, at the very time when the means of living are more than usually difficult of attainment, custom demands more expenditure than of old in "keeping up appearances." The many pretty decorative fashions which are the rule rather than the exception now in middle-class houses, are esteemed daily necessaries, where formerly they were occasional luxuries. The number and style of dresses and hats required by young ladies who have left school, if they are to mix on equal terms in the society of their class, produces a serious item in the family bills. The flowers for the table, the palms and ferns for the drawing-room, the hundred and one pretty knick-knacks scattered about not only sitting-rooms but bedrooms, though often tasteful and refreshing to the eye, cannot be supplied without money.

Yes, once again it's time for a serving of Girl's Own - now more than ever, given the new austerity.

Fix firmly in your mind the conviction that nothing is cheap to you that you do not want.