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the unlikeliest dictator
« on: February 01, 2006 »
Was very amused to read in the trades that I am a hippy, but not a cool, easygoing one. It's true that my brain is well insulated, and I'm pretty far to the left politically. Lately I've been thinking about truth in advertising. I am styled a benevolent dictator - and first applied the label myself tongue-in-cheek, choosing the word 'benign'. No quibbles with the edit. Sometimes 'F├╝hrer' is used instead, which has seriously unpleasant associations; perhaps the Open University runs a course on sensitivity training.

When this forum took its babysteps I had hopes that it would run itself. It wasn't too long before I realised that I had a stake in the future of acf that went beyond simply hosting it. This is probably the only chance I'll ever get to tend an active online community. My gardening has brought its share of thorns, some of which I accept, though a few critics fertilise the rolling eyes smiley that blooms only in my head.

So, what am I like in 3D? Am a control freak? Is my personal environment a filing cabinet with everything in its proper place? Do I attempt to moderate nonforum life?

This bio is rather dated, but may give you some idea of who you're dealing with. Much as I love details, they aren't important here. The stream of consciousness adequately conveys my personality. My brain has been hardwired to hyperlink.

All things considered, the digital sam is a fair representation of the organic one, save that my thoughts seldom tumble from my mouth in quite the same fashion as they do from my fingers, and I don't walk around with a big Admin badge on my lapel. The framework of this cradle of .php is a serviceable extension of my philosophy, shamelessly pinched from a 1st century apostle: "Everything is permitted to me, but not everything is constructive." acf may be a humble forum - why do you think I always opt for lowercase? - but it is my gift to anyone who wants it, knows how to use it, sees the potential in it, and can operate both their heart and their head to appreciate it.

Me, a dictator?