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what's in the bag
« on: June 18, 2014 »
I was going to say zombie repellant, but the motorists usually take them out; all I have to do is slalom a little bit. (Sorry, I've had zombies on my mind, or what remains of it.) I've decided to have a look in my bag and see what it is I do carry. It's getting heavy and probably needs a clearout anyway.

First here's the bag, consisting of a main compartment and pockets on either side:

In the right pocket:

Telecommunications device with Committee of Ways & Means as screensaver. Recorder with two world-changing ideas I had but sadly erased by accident. I can't remember what they were now. Out of shot is a washrag/alternate sweat mop whose primary purpose is keeping the phone & recorder from rattling against each other and driving me crazy (even when I can't hear them).

The phone is a legitimate emergency item; I could also make a case for the rag.

Other pocket:

All needed by emergency services. Spare tube because I'd rather not patch on the road; C02 because I'd rather not pump on the road; patches to satisfy the belt-and-braces brigade; 15mm wrench for when bag is on axle-nutted bike; obligatory multi-tool; gloves in case I need to get really down and dirty; spare baggies because I hate wearing gloves and can use one to reseat a chain if necessary.

The C02 can also be used to blow air into busted lung after hills.

Main compartment

Mesh pocket underneath the top:

The map is in case I have to go on the run for it after a commuter challenge goes horribly wrong. [Confession: I work from home.] Plastic wallet contains ccard for emergency purchases at the bike shop. Connex used to be the rail company which serviced my patch, before they got kicked out for being too dire.

Another spare tube, because when I get a puncture and use the other spare there's always the terrible possibility that I'll get another puncture and have to resort to patches. Tyre levers in case I lose my touch at manhandling them off; Lezyne light; Pump which I now plan on using instead of C02, or to beat zombies; and yet more paraphernalia which suggests I have an obsession with keeping my hands clean. Also not one but two spare earphones, a testament to planned obsolescence as well as my horror at the thought of listening to the birds sing.

Looks like just about everything is necessary, though I guess the patches and baggies could go. You know, to save weight. Or to make room for Mille-feuille.