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Girl's Own
« on: July 11, 2005 »
It seems to me that no sooner does a girl return from school than a course of home study should commence, and be carried on at certain hours of the day when her mother and young sisters have had their due share of her filial and sisterly service. This home study should take such a direction as to enable her to be self-supporting if need be, or to supplement the small allowance which may scarcely cover her necessary expenses.

Despite evidence to the contrary, I don't really have time for endless transcribing of old typeset words into this brave new world medium. Nevertheless I am sorely tempted by my new Girl's Own Annual circa 1894, purchased at Spitalfields from a vendor who was puzzled why I wasn't also keen to acquire the boy's equivalent. What can I say? Girls are more interesting. Thank God he doesn't know that I've just bought a sewing machine (before reading the reviews, alas). First up: New Employments for Girls.