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the big count
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2012 census
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Ridgeback Genesis Day 02
Age: 12
Longest ride: end-to-end
Currently used for: turbo
If only I could harness that energy to help mankind, or at least to power the fan.

1 - Special turbo tyre
2 - Irony to fuel the ride
3 - Vol 9 of The National Encyclopædia, a 19th century "Dictionary of Universal Knowledge". This volume covers Methodists to Peduncle, which in this case is not a close relative who you might find on a sex offender register, but the stem of a plant

Litespeed Blue Ridge
Age: 11
Longest ride: London to Scotland
Currently used for: local jaunts and rainy days, as it has the best mudguards
This bike was recently the scene of great indecision over the colour scheme of headset spacers after receiving a fork transplant. The "bobbin effect" was finally chosen as the best holding pattern given the spacers I had in stock. A titanium replacement is in the works.

unknown make
Age: 8
Longest ride: a couple miles over fields
Currently used for: let's just say it's 7th in line of succession

Bike Friday
Age: 14
Longest ride: London to Glastonbury
Currently used for: this is the utility bike
Creaks and groans are seldom investigated.

Dahon Presto Lite
Age: 7
Longest ride: 30 miles
Currently used for: London
Born to outwit London traffic.

Specialized Langster
Age: 5
Longest ride: 150 miles
Currently used for: local jaunts
Most of my rides are local jaunts.

Cykel Origin 8
Age: 1 month
Longest ride: maybe 10 miles
Currently used for: whenever I visit my hometown in the States
Sit up and beg; mollified by horizontal dropouts.
Considering flipping the handlebars next time I'm in town.

that industrial look

Age: 8 months
Longest ride: 125 miles
Currently used for: justifying all the money spent on it