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patchwork post
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Scenes at the museum was always quite bumpable, but I foolishly relocated it to Pretty Good Britain because that seemed a better fit. Now whenever I am at a loss what to post to help keep acf keeping on, I am that much more reliant on the need to actually write something.

Do they have any planks in their collection?

My wife pokes fun at me for gazing longingly at cyclists whenever we're in the city scraping by as pedestrians. It's gotten to the point that I feel handicapped without my bike, as some people must do without their smart phones.

"One of London's least loveable pieces of art."

A radio interview with Brian Sewell the other day prompted me to reread his evisceration of Tracey Emin. Though not wholly in Sewell's camp, I do find a lot of modern art less than inspiring, and Emin beyond my ability to appreciate.

I used to live on the edge of the Thames directly across from the hulk of the old Bankside Power Station. I still remember my disappointment on learning that it was going to be another Tate, but without any of the good stuff.

Tired of squinting at subtitles, I now own a pair of glasses. They're also handy for reading the descriptions of exhibits in museums.

Currently reading (without the aid of glasses, as my near sight is fine): The Disappearing Spoon, by Sam Kean. It's a history of the Periodic Table.

That's just mad

I have three roadsters, including a newish one which naturally requires most of my attention. Even if that wasn't messing up the rota, there's bound to be a loser; there always is. It's been the Langster. Pity, as it's a great ride and easily the best value I've ever gotten in a bike. The last time I took it out the tyres needed about 30 psi topping up. Where does the air go? The same place as time.

My most recent non-routine ride: Over Pook's Hill and down to Hastings.

Speaking of which, 'tisn't really the season, but when it is again, the offer still stands.