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Title: Jack's hill
Post by: sam on April 13, 2008

It's a two-mile climb up to Brightling, a wide spot in the road complete with its own pyramid. You may be forgiven if you don't mistake this oddity for the eighth wonder of the world, though it's an impressive neighbour to the church. This is the final resting place of 'Mad Jack' Fuller,


village squire during the Georgian era. Jack was a follybuilder extraordinaire; some of his handiwork is still extant scattered around the rolling terrain. He was a staunch Conservative (not much change in the political landscape), elected to parliament thrice, and also known by the nickname 'Hippopotamus' due to the 22 stone he carried everywhere he went. Underneath his bust in the church is the inscription: "Nothing is of use which is not honest". He ended his political career in a torrent of wild commotion during a parliamentary debate of a disastrous military campaign in which he more or less lost his wits and had to be taken into custody by the Sergeant at Arms. Somewhat calmed afterwards, he turned a new leaf and devoted the rest of his life to cultural pursuits, including the patronage of acquaintance J.M.W. Turner.


I sometimes wonder how mad I am, regularly cranking my way past this eccentric mausoleum on one of my singlespeeds. There are several approaches of varying intensity; I choose based on my current level of masochism. This exercise probably won't grant me eternal life either.